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Rules & Regulations

General Golf Rules
  • Patrons using the facility do so at their own risk and are responsible for damage to Old Fort Golf Club and private property.

  • All players must register in the Golf Shop prior to playing.

  • PRIVATE COOLERS & BEVERAGES ARE NOT PERMITTED, coolers are provided on each golf car and drinks are available for purchase in the snack bar.

  • All players must begin on hole #1 unless otherwise directed by the golf shop.

  • Pace of play is crucial for the enjoyment of all our patrons. Groups of four (4) are expected to finish 18-holes in 4 hours and 20 minutes or less. Groups of less than 4 should play faster than that. If you are out of position due to your slow play, you must speed up or you will be moved to the appropriate position.

  • The maximize group size is four (4) golfers.  No exceptions.

  • The USGA Rules of Golf govern all play.

  • Car paths are never to be used for bicycling, skateboarding, or jogging.  Old Fort Golf Club assumes no liability for injury.

  • Golf Car Operators must be at least 16 and possess a valid driver’s license.

  • Youth 12 & under must be accompanied by an adult.

  • No pets of any kind allowed.

  • All players must have their own clubs.  Rental clubs are available in the golf shop.

Starting Times
  • Starting times are required for all play.

  • Starting times at Old Fort can be made up to 5 days in advance.  

  • Players may make up to two tee times unless approved otherwise by the staff.  

  • Starting times on weekends should be for 4 players prior to afternoon times. 

  • We reserve the right to pair individuals and groups up to a foursome

  • Walk-ins and singles will be paired in next available tee time.

  • Players who miss their starting time forfeit their tee position.

  • If you must cancel a tee time, please call the golf shop as early as possible. Consistent failure to do so is a violation of golf course rules and may result in a suspension.

  • Starting times may be delayed due to frost or inclement weather.

Dress Code

Please help to avoid embarrassing situations by conforming to the dress code. Management reserves the right to deem any attire to be inappropriate for golf.  Anything with offensive language is not considered proper attire.   Shoes are required by all patrons.  Soft spikes or athletic type tennis shoes only please.

No cut off shorts, bathing suits,or tank tops/halter tops may be worn while using the golf facilities. Collared shirts are preferred.  Tee shirts and blue jeans are allowed. 

Practice Regulations
  • All practice will be confined to the practice areas.

  • Range balls are restricted to the practice areas and are not allowed on the course. Anyone found with practice balls on the course may have their playing privileges revoked.

Golf Car Rules
  • Golf car rules will be posted daily both in the Golf Shop and the starter hut on the first tee. When cars are “Path Only” all golf cars must remain on the designated car paths at all times. Golf cars must remain on path on all Par 3’s.

  • When the “90 degree rule” is posted, golfers in golf cars should proceed on the designated car paths until reaching the vicinity of his/ her ball and make a 90-degree turn to the ball, play the shot and return to the car path.

  • Golf cars may only be rented and used by individuals 16 years of age and older with a valid driver’s license. Golf cars will not be rented to individuals with permits or restricted licenses.

  • Golf cars should be driven on paths as much as possible and according to all golf car traffic signs posted on the course.

    • When crossing a fairway, cross at a 90-degree angle to minimize the wear and tear of the fairways and roughs.

  • Golf cars should be returned to the golf shop and/ or bag drop area after the completion of play.

    • Signs should be posted guiding players where to park the golf cars when returning them.

  • The Old Fort Golf Club reserves the right to refuse or cancel the use of a golf car, without refunding any fees, to any person not adhering to the golf car rules or policies established by Old Fort Golf Club.

  • All players agree, by electing to use a golf car, to pay or reimburse the Old Fort Golf Club for any and all charges arising out of or due to breakage/ damage to the golf car and other property other than ordinary wear and tear.

    • The car operator and fellow rider agrees to indemnify and hold the Old Fort Golf Club, its employees, and The City of Murfreesboro harmless from any and all injury, damage and or claim of any nature whatsoever whether to person, property, or both that may arise out of or result from or through the use of a golf car.

  • Golf cars are not to be taken off of the Old Fort Golf Club grounds.

  • Personal golf cars are not permitted.

Golf Car Safety And Operating Policies
  • All players are strictly responsible for the safe operation of the golf cars so as to not interfere with the fellow player’s enjoyment of their game and at all times guarding against injury to persons or damage to property, especially playing surfaces of the golf course.

  • Only two people may ride in a golf car and only while sitting on the seat in the car. No one is allowed to ride on a golf car other than in the seat.

  • When vehicle is to be left unattended, turn key to OFF position AND REMOVE KEY.

  • Drive vehicle only as fast as terrain and safety considerations allow. Consider the terrain and traffic conditions. Consider environmental factors which affect the terrain and the ability to control the vehicle.

  • Avoid driving fast downhill. Sudden stops or change of direction may result in a loss of control.

  • Use brake to control speed when traveling down an incline.

  • Use extra care and reduced speed when driving in poor conditions or on poor surfaces.

  • Stay in designated areas where provided and avoid steep slopes.

  • Keep feet, legs, hands, and arms inside vehicle at all times.

  • Avoid extremely rough terrain.

Rules, Enforcement And Suspensions
  • Enforcement of rules/policies is the responsibility of management.

  • Anyone found to be in violation of the club rules will be warned verbally for the first offense. A second offense will result in a written acknowledgement of the event to be kept on file. Any subsequent violations will result in being suspended from the facility for 30 days. If later, upon reactivation of privileges, another violation occurs the person will be banned for 1 year.

  • Any violation deemed “major” by management may result in an immediate ban from the facility.

Lightning Protection

Old Fort Golf Club does not have a lightning detection system, but we do monitor the radar in the golf shop.  Should severe weather arise, we will sound the horn and ask that all customers return to the clubhouse or the nearest safe location.  Each player is urged to take shelter when dangerous conditions are imminent. The following tips can be taken to keep safe from bad weather:

  • Put down your golf clubs

  • If in an open area crouch down

  • If your skin tingles and your hair stands up on end, this is an indication that lightning is about to strike. Drop to your knees and bend forward. Do not lie flat on the ground.

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